1. Your background and professional experiences. Operating a Registrar company represents public responsibility as it serves its share of providing global Internet infrastructure. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the company under sound management to provide stable service to the Internet community. Your qualifications will be reviewed during the accreditation process by the ICANN staff - as such, Globis will initially evaluate your candidacy for qualifications in order to decide whether your application at the ICANN will be successful.

    There are no set requirements, but a combination of managerial experience together with sufficient technical proficiency (at the very least, intermediate general computer skills) would work well.

    Please send us your resume/CV and other relevant materials to begin the process.

  2. You will have to show at least $70,000 in readily available working capital. This is the requirement set by the ICANN for all new Registrars, and it corresponds with the amount that we feel safe and necessary to start your Registrar enterprise.

    The funding may be either from own or borrowed sources. To streamline our cooperation in starting your new Registrar business and to expedite the processing of transactions required during preparation and application for accreditation, we would advise to you a financial institution to deposit your funds. We could recommend you to the bank to facilitate the opening of your business account.



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