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Celebrating 30 years

2022 marks 30 years since GLOBIS was founded. 

The seed was planted when Yoshito Hori sat in the lawn at Harvard Business School and drew three overlapping circles. People, capital, and knowledge became the founding principles of the company. In 1992, Hori quit his steady job and rented a classroom in Shibuya, Tokyo, from which he began teaching classes. Since then, GLOBIS has graduated over 7,000 students from its MBA program and trained nearly 2 million professionals. GLOBIS Capital Partners has raised over 1.1B USD in seed capital. We have seven offices across Japan, and international offices in China, Singapore, Thailand, the USA, and Belgium. 

None of this would have been possible without our stakeholders, current students and alumni, faculty members, clients, portfolio companies, and employees, who have worked together to nurture GLOBIS.

We will continue to contribute to change and give back to society.

Our History in Motion

For more on our 30 year long history, visit our history page

A Message from our President & Founder

Becoming the World's No. 1 MBA in the Technovate Era

Thanks to your support, GLOBIS is celebrating its 30th year. I would like to express my gratitude to our stakeholders, current students and alumni, faculty members, customers, portfolio companies, and employees who have helped us along the way.

GLOBIS started in 1992 with a single marketing course in a small rented classroom in Shibuya. Thirty years after its founding, GLOBIS remains committed to its vision of creating and transforming societies through ecosystems of people, capital, and knowledge.

We have expanded globally with offices in China, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States. In July 2022, we launched an office in Brussels, Belgium. This will be our first EMEA base in our mission to develop leaders around the world.

Over the past 30 years, GLOBIS has continued toward the vision that we set forth at the time of our founding. We will continue to take on the challenge of becoming the world’s No. 1 MBA in the Technovate Era.

-Yoshito Hori
Founder and President, GLOBIS Corporation & GLOBIS University
Founder and Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners

30 Voices

We asked thirty employees who have been with us throughout the years to share the essence of GLOBIS.


Yoshito Hori

Founder and President, GLOBIS Corporation & GLOBIS University
Founder and Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners

GLOBIS has been committed to social contribution through business since our founding. For its 30th anniversary, GLOBIS is reaffirming its position as a company dedicated to CSR. We are committed to contributing to society through GLOBIS University, corporate training, venture capital, and all other arms of our business. Join us as we become the world's No. 1 MBA in the Technovate Era!

Hiromi Takeda

Joined GLOBIS: 1993
Department: GLOBIS University (Events and Operations)
“Last year we celebrated the 15 year anniversary of GLOBIS University. The GLOBIS graduate network is very passionate. My goal is to create a space for new possibilities, networking, and to bring ideas to fruition.”

Tsuyoshi Shimada

Joined GLOBIS: 1994
Department: President’s Office and Entrepreneurship (Editor and Writer for GLOBIS Publications, University & Corporate Training Lecturer)
“We can work freely. We are contributing to the democratization of business education through information sharing and conducting independent research. We welcome you into our community!”

Soichi Kariyazono

Joined GLOBIS: 1996
Department: GLOBIS Capital Partners (Managing Partner)
“In 1992, GLOBIS took on the challenge of building an MBA program and venture capital firm from the ground up. Yoshito Hori’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive became the culture of our company. 30 years later, we are the largest MBA program and oldest independent venture capital firm in Japan. Our unwavering commitment to continuous evolution remains.”

Soichiro Serizawa

Joined GLOBIS: 1997
Department: Faculty Group Office (Corporate Consulting)
“GLOBIS is a model for the ideal corporate system. Thanks to our clients and students, we have been able to grow over these last 30 years. We see more success stories every day, which we used to dream of in our early days. We try to contribute to a better business environment through corporate training.”

Shuntaro Takeuchi

Joined GLOBIS: 1998
Department: Faculty Group Office (Recruitment & Training)
“We strive to build an ecosystem to create and innovate society. I am blessed to be a part of the GLOBIS community, where we are exposed to stimulating knowledge everyday. It helps us desire growth and change.”

Yosuke Inoue

Joined GLOBIS: 1999
Department: GLOBIS Digital Platform (Managing Director)
“We always take on new challenges. We are working to expand GLOBIS Unlimited and GLOBIS Manabi-Hodai to be top learning platforms for users both in Japan and globally. We help prepare learners to take on future challenges.”

Junko Kimura

Joined GLOBIS: 2000
Department: GLOBIS Corporate Solutions (Corporate Consulting)
“We are an open and fair organization with positive, diverse staff and a unique business model. In order to build leaders of the future, we support many companies and focus on their most crucial issues. We strive to continue advocating for organizations that believe in the power of people, that want to encourage creativity and change.”

Naomi Ishibashi

Joined GLOBIS: 2001
Department: Faculty Group Office (GLOBIS Manabi-Hodai Content Planning/Editing)
“Everyone is friendly! One of the best things about working here is the people I work with. As I get older, I am very happy to work hard and grow together with my team. I would love for more people to take the GLOBIS Unlimited courses and improve their careers.”

Kenichi Suzuki

Joined GLOBIS: 2001
Department: GAiMERi (GLOBIS’s Educational AI, Director)
“GLOBIS has diversity in its employees interests, abilities, and experiences. We are working to use natural language processing AI to increase efficiency. We are actively looking to implement new technology to not only improve education quality, but also create a community.”


Toru Takahashi

Joined GLOBIS: 2002
Department: GLOBIS Europe (CEO & President)
“We believe in possibilities that spark creativity and change in society. I have spent two thirds of GLOBIS’s existence with the company. There have been many challenges over these 20 years, but we continue to improve ourselves and contribute to the betterment of society.”

Tomoko Kimijima

Joined GLOBIS: 2003
Department: Faculty Group Office (Department Head, Lecturer)
“Our employees are warm people with a passion for education. We support not just current students and alumni, but have space for anyone who wants to learn. Together, we motivate the future business leaders of Japan!”

Hideaki Kanazawa

Joined GLOBIS: 2003
Department: GLOBIS Headquarters (HR)
“Our employees are our biggest asset. Even before we were recognized as a university in Japan, those who believed in us got us where we are today. I want to use that as motivation to continue to foster ambitious leaders of the future. I aim for GLOBIS to offer value to society for hundreds of years to come.”

Noriyuki Hanazaki

Joined GLOBIS: 2004
Department: GLOBIS Executive Development (University & corporate training lecturer, case study & content writing about marketing)
“My colleagues and I respect each other’s way of thinking and working. We all get along well in order to support clients and produce high-quality business content. We want to change the world for the better with GLOBIS!”

Megumi Kose

Joined GLOBIS: 2006
Department: Faculty Group Office (University & corporate training lecturer, content R&D)
“We believe in possibilities. This is a challenging job with many opportunities to see people change and grow. I strive to expand and deepen GLOBIS's network and community.”

Kyoko Hayashi

Joined GLOBIS: 2007
Department: Faculty Group Office (University & corporate training lecturer, research, writing, content development)
“I work with some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. My motivation is to continue my work so that every student, colleague, or client that I come into contact with feels more energized, aware, and inspired than before we met.”

Kazuki Oshima

Joined GLOBIS: 2001, (and again in) 2011
Department: President’s Office and Entrepreneurship (Public Relations and Publishing)
“Everyone has a clear idea of how they want to contribute to society. We have a comfortable work environment with flexible working hours, friendly employees, and a nice office.
I hope all the users of GLOBIS Chikenroku and our other resources can skill up and change their corner of the world!”

Tsutomu Takemae

Joined GLOBIS: 2007
Department: Human Relations (Accounting)
“My priorities are myself, my family, and my work. As written in GLOBIS’s mission, my department aims to actualize an ideal corporate environment. With great collaboration, we find solutions to any and all issues that arrive. Our department is friendly but we push each other to do our best.”

Shinichi Takamiya

Joined GLOBIS: 2008
Department: GLOBIS Capital Partners
“Our culture empowers individuals to do what they want, with the teams they want, and achieve the results they want. I discovered what I want to accomplish in life, rather than just following the traditional path. Every day, I look forward to working alongside startups that will become industry leaders. This also means contributing to the creation of new industries in Japan and around the world.”

Brian Cathcart

Joined GLOBIS: 2010
Department: President's Office & Entrepreneurship and GLOBIS Headquarters (G1 Global and Global HR)
“We have an ideal company vision, but we encourage our employees to achieve self-actualization. This is a great motivation and inspiration for me. As a company, we seek an ideal corporate ecosystem, creating new businesses that contribute to the betterment of society.”

Aiko Abe

Joined GLOBIS: 2011
Department: President’s Office and Entrepreneurship(Secretary to the President, Membership Team Leader for G1, KIBOW Secretary, Support for Mito and Ibaraki Initiatives)
“Even though the company has grown in size, there is a homey atmosphere and all employees genuinely enjoy their work. We have been contributing to Japan’s business landscape for 30 years. We prioritize mental well-being and clear communication to maintain an open atmosphere. Every employee is proud of their work for the company!”


Reika Cho

Joined GLOBIS: 2012
Department: GLOBIS China (President)
“I am surrounded by a lot of smart colleagues.
I have found my mission in life and live it to the fullest.”

Minako Gaja

Joined GLOBIS: 2013
Department: G1
“I believe we are the most unique company in the world! One day the conference room is used for a board meeting, the next day it is where news personalities invite celebrities to be on our radio shows at LuckyFM. Every day brings something new at GLOBIS!”

Emre Yuasa

Joined GLOBIS: 2014
Department: GLOBIS Capital Partners (Director)
“We are serious about making Japan a better place. I am inspired by and constantly learn from my colleagues and the companies we invest in. This year we established our largest fund yet in Japan. We are working every day with entrepreneurs and our team to create unicorns and decacorns from Japan.”

Cristiana Celli

Joined GLOBIS: 2014
Department: GLOBIS University (Marketing and Data Analysis)
“Great people and diverse working environment! GLOBIS is a one-of-a-kind business school. We care about democratizing education and we believe everyone has the potential for self-fulfillment and leadership.”

Kelvin Song

Joined GLOBIS: 2015
Department: GLOBIS University (Marketing and Data Analysis)
“We have high quality products, accessible to everyone interested in upgrading their business skills. I came from an Engineering background, and working at GLOBIS definitely helped me become a businessperson.”

Hiroaki Nishioka

Joined GLOBIS: 2017
Department: Digital Platform (GLOBIS Manabi-Hodai Designer)
“Our culture supports employees to lead their careers. ‘Freedom and self-responsibility’ are a core part of the GLOBIS way. Work-life balance is attainable, which encourages creativity. We have a deep sense of pride and love for our work.”

Takanori Matsui

Joined GLOBIS: 2018
Department: President’s Office / Faculty Group (KIBOW Impact Investment team & research on HR development)
“There is endless support for shaping your own career path. GLOBIS evolves every year. I’m lucky to have the invaluable experience of seeing companies through from the first steps of incorporation to global expansion.”

Ting-Ting Wang

Joined GLOBIS: 2019
Department: GLOBIS Digital Platform (UX Designer)
“I receive so much support from my team. I feel very lucky to be a part of GLOBIS!I am interested in building AI into our digital products to see how AI might change the learning of business skills.”

Natsuki Tamura

Joined GLOBIS: 2019
Department: President's Office (Director General of G-STARTUP & PR team)
“We have an environment where new challenges are encouraged.
There are many company events and opportunities to talk to people outside your department. At around 600 people, I love the size of GLOBIS and value face-to-face interaction!”

Ryuta Abe

Joined GLOBIS: 2021
Department: GLOBIS Executive Development (Kansai area Corporate education consultant)
”We work hard and take pride in our work. At GLOBIS, I grow through challenging myself daily. I am lucky to have superiors who take the time to teach and empower me.”