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Reika Cho

President, GLOBIS China Co., Ltd.

As a founding member of GLOBIS China, Ms. Reika Cho is responsible for GLOBIS’s Chinese subsidiary. She is also a lecturer and teaches courses on organizational behavior and critical thinking skills.

Previously at GLOBIS, Ms. Cho was involved in establishing a teaching infrastructure and developing content for a program centered on logical thinking and problem solving, as well as other course content. She has given lectures at the GLOBIS Management School and at organizational training sessions, and has planned and implemented projects aimed at nurturing future leaders.

Ms. Cho left GLOBIS to establish Shanghai Sanka Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, where she developed core personnel at both Japanese and Chinese companies operating in China. She has also served as a guest lecturer for the EMBA program at the College of Continuing Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Born in Harbin, China, Ms. Cho graduated from the Japanese Language Department of Changchun University and taught Japanese at the Japanese Language Department of Southeast University before coming to Japan in 2000. She obtained her master’s degree in educational psychology from the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Education.


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