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Soichi Kariyazono

Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners

Prior to joining GLOBIS, Mr. Soichi Kariyazono worked for the Management Consulting Division of the Sanwa Research Institute Corporation. Later, he served as fund manager of the GLOBIS Incubation Fund, then became a founding partner of the Apax GLOBIS Japan Fund.

At GLOBIS Capital Partners, he is responsible for managing approximately 110 billion yen entrusted by institutional investors worldwide. He also provides comprehensive human resources, funding, and management support to promising venture businesses in Japan. He began serving as chairman of the Japan Venture Capital Association in 2015 and has served as Honorary Chairman since July 2019.

Mr. Kariyazono received a BA in law from Keio University and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Business. He has authored three Japanese books on entrepreneurial strategy.


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