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Keiichiro Nishi

Managing Director, GLOBIS Corporate Education
Managing Director, GLOBIS China Co., Ltd.

Mr. Keiichiro Nishi began his career at Mitsubishi Corporation, where he worked in real estate investing, logistics and networking for convenience store chains, and management of commercial development projects. He also launched and co-ran a B2C service company.

Now, at GLOBIS, he is in charge of organizational development and employee training in the corporate training programs. He has been involved in a campaign to promote global sales methods for a major foreign capital company, an organizational development project for the global expansion for a consumer goods company, and an HRBP project for a global IT company. He also launched and helps manage GLOBIS’s first overseas subsidiary. His roles include managing director of GLOBIS Corporate Education, managing director at a subsidiary in China, and lecturer of Global Strategy, Leadership, and Action Learning. He was vice chairman of the China Committee of Corporate Executives in 2018 and 2019, and a member of the Japan-China Exchange in 2020.

Mr. Nishi graduated from Waseda University and later completed the INSEAD International Executive Program.


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