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Koji Torigata

Managing Director, GLOBIS Digital Platform

Mr. Torigata initially joined GLOBIS as part of the retail and global team, where he supported training in Japan and overseas as a consultant. After that, he launched the GLOBIS Online Training Program in the Edtech Promotion Department. Later, he helped launch the online learning platform GLOBIS Manabihodai. Currently, he is a business leader and managing director of the GLOBIS Digital Platform.

He teaches Venture Management at GLOBIS University and lectures on critical thinking, marketing, and new business planning for corporate training.

Prior to GLOBIS, Mr. Torigata worked at CyberAgent, supporting online marketing in the finance, travel, and service industries for corporate internet marketing. After that, he helped found BILCOM Inc., a digital and public relations agency. As COO of the board of directors, he has been involved in management for about ten years, where his duties include new business development, overseas branch management, sales, personnel affairs, and operations.

He graduated from the Saitama University Faculty of Education and holds an MBA from the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University.


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