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Keisuke Uchida

Managing Director, GLOBIS Corporate Education
Board of Directors, GLOBIS China

Mr. Keisuke Uchida began his career at Accenture, working on projects in the information, communications, and high technology industries. His work included system design, mobile content development and operation, common infrastructure design and construction, and business process reengineering.

After that, he joined Demae-can, where he became involved in a wide range of business activities, such as business planning, sales, marketing, and systems management for general affairs and accounting. In addition to improving efficiency and optimization, he helped the company IPO in just two years, overcoming a loss structure by forming alliances with other companies and launching new websites and advertising businesses.

At GLOBIS, he began by consulting on human resources development and organizational development for corporate clients. Previously the managing director of  GLOBIS Corporate Administration Division, Mr. Uchida now serves as managing director and head of the Corporate Education Division and sits on the board of directors for GLOBIS China. As a lecturer of the Operations Strategy course, he also conducts research on cutting-edge management strategies to develop teaching materials for MBA programs. His proficiency as a lecturer covers management strategy, marketing, critical thinking, leadership, operation strategy, in-house task exercises (also called “action learning”), meeting facilitation, and executive training. He is the author of Managing a Company that Teaches Management: Realizing an Ideal Corporate System and co-authored the textbook GLOBIS MBA Management Book II.


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