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GLOBIS Asia Campus Launches English Pre-MBA Program in Singapore. Students can choose to continue online to acquire GLOBIS University MBA


Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo — The “GLOBIS Asia Campus” has officially opened in downtown Singapore and is offering its first English Pre-MBA course. After attending the GLOBIS Asia Campus, students have the option to continue their studies by enrolling in GLOBIS University’s Online MBA Program and obtaining an MBA (Master of Business Administration). This is the first time GLOBIS is offering English MBA courses overseas.

The GLOBIS Asia Campus is launching with a course in Organizational Behavior and Leadership. Like other GLOBIS courses, this course lasts 3 months and consists of six classes, each lasting 3 hours. Students can continue their studies and pursue their MBA in either the Part-Time On-Campus & Online MBA Program (online and/or at the Tokyo campus) or the Full-Time MBA program (on-campus in Tokyo). The credits earned in Singapore are eligible to be transferred to either of these programs.

The main participants are expected to be business professionals living in Singapore, including Japanese expatriates, who wish to study Pre-MBA courses in English. At the GLOBIS Asia Campus, students also have the opportunity to expand their network through after-class get-togethers and study sessions.

Tomoya Nakamura, the Dean of GLOBIS University, and the lecturer of the first course being offered, remarked, “As a school that fosters leadership, we put particular emphasis on courses like this. I look forward to meeting those who want to demonstrate their leadership in Asia and throughout the world with Singapore as their hub.” By offering an English Pre-MBA program at its GLOBIS Asia Campus, GLOBIS will accelerate the development of business leaders active in Asia and the world, and strive to become Asia’s No. 1 business school.

■About the GLOBIS Asia Campus English Pre-MBA Program

Program Launch: October 2019
Venue: GLOBIS Asia Campus
Address: 12 Marina View # 29 – 02, Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore 018961
Course Offered in October 2019: Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Course Capacity: 35 students
Course Duration: 3 months for 1 subject (3 hours x 6 sessions every other week)

How to attend the GLOBIS Asia Campus
Admission: Enrollment 299 (SGD), Tuition 1669 (SGD)
There will be seminars and Pre-MBA Trial Classes prior to the start of the course, see website for details:
Contact: GLOBIS Asia Campus Office
Phone: +65-6305-4140.

■GLOBIS Asia Campus English Pre-MBA Program Faculty

Tomoya Nakamura
Mr. Tomoya Nakamura is the Dean of the English MBA Programs at GLOBIS University. At GLOBIS, he teaches several subjects such as entrepreneurial leadership, while conducting various global training programs for corporate clients. Prior to joining GLOBIS, he worked for Marubeni Corporation and Sun-Life Corporation. Mr. Nakamura received his MBA from Harvard Business School, where, as a Research Associate of the General Management Unit, he wrote two HBS cases that apply Eastern philosophy to management. He has also co-authored (with other GLOBIS Faculty members), “KOKOROZASHI: The Pursuit of Meaning in Business” (Kindle Direct Publishing).

■About GLOBIS University

Founded in a small rented classroom in 1992 by renowned entrepreneur Yoshito Hori, GLOBIS University has grown to become the largest business school in Japan. With the principles of fostering skill development, a professional network, and a personal mission, the institution is committed to developing visionary leaders who create and innovate societies. GLOBIS University boasts a vast international faculty and five main campuses in Japan, with aims to become Asia’s No. 1 MBA. The Part-time MBA in English was launched in 2009, the Full-time MBA in 2012, and the Online MBA in 2017. GLOBIS University continues to expand its curriculum with course offerings in digital technology and entrepreneurship, promoting business mastery for an age of global innovation.

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