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GLOBIS University Expands Technovate Course Offerings for English MBA Programs


(Tokyo, Japan) On July 10, 2018, GLOBIS University officially marked the expansion of its Technovate curriculum. With the combination of “technology” and “innovation” worked into the very subject matter, the Technovate courses are designed to hone management knowledge and skills that will be indispensable for future leaders as technology rapidly transforms the business world.

Deputy Dean Jorge Calvo, who teaches Industry 4.0 and Moonshot Transformation, emphasizes the necessity of integrating technology into traditional business school curricula: “We are living through the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Scientific and technological innovations are converging, mainly through AI and IoT. Business schools have to evolve as the world changes, and Technovate is the solution from GLOBIS University. Business models, products, and services are being disrupted by digital technologies. As such, our goal is to create future leaders and entrepreneurs who can embrace these for the betterment of society.”

The addition of the new Technovate courses to the English MBA will bring the current total to eight. Subject areas include strategic thinking, design and user experience, digital marketing psychology, and emotion-driven innovation.

Technovate courses are the latest addition to the expansive roster of subjects offered as part of the GLOBIS MBA, joining existing subject areas such as Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, Marketing and Strategy, Accounting and Finance, Management Philosophy, and Kokorozashi (Personal Mission). GLOBIS will continue expanding the Technovate curriculum to foster next-generation leaders who will bring change and innovation.

About GLOBIS University
GLOBIS University, previously the GLOBIS MBA program (GDBA) from 2003, was established in 2006 as a corporation and converted to an educational corporation in 2008. Built upon the principles of fostering skill development, human networks, and personal resolve, GLOBIS University is committed to developing visionary leaders who create and innovate societies. There are campuses in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, and Fukuoka. The Part-time MBA (English) was launched in 2009, and the Full-time MBA (English) in September 2012, with students attending from around 15 countries each year. The Online MBA was then launched in October 2017. Total annual MBA enrollment has risen from 78 students in 2006, reaching 871 in 2017 (including 89 English MBA students who joined in September/October of that year). This makes GLOBIS University the largest business school in Japan, an important milestone on the way to becoming the No. 1 business school in Asia.

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