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GLOBIS China Hosts 10th Anniversary Seminar


Shanghai, ChinaOn October 14, GLOBIS China (GCN) hosted 60 attendees at a hybrid seminar at the Kempinski Hotel Shanghai. For 10 years, GCN has supported the business development and localization of more than 200 Japanese, international, and major local companies operating in China.

Since 2012, GCN has trained over 30,000 business professionals in the Shanghai area alone. Solving more than 2,300 managerial issues together, GCN has helped analyze and find solutions to real problems that its clients are facing.

Client Voices

Clients and GCN staff celebrated with a song commemorating the milestone, several interactive games, and a speech from the president, Reika Cho. Participants shared their appreciation:

“The instructors and consultants at GLOBIS China are professional and direct. They are well versed in methodology and have a deep understanding of the challenges that companies face.”

“For the past 10 years, GLOBIS China has supported our company’s organizational transformation. They have a deep understanding of the needs of a Japanese company’s Chinese entity. They have our trust.”

Message from the President

GCN’s President, Reika Cho, holds a doctorate in Business Administration from Université Nice Sophia Antipolis in France and a Masters in Educational Psychology from the University of Tokyo. She is a GLOBIS University lecturer, specializing in planning and leadership development projects. 

“Thanks to you, GLOBIS China celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.We are deeply grateful for the patronage of our many customers and students.

In recent years, competition has intensified and uncertainty has increased worldwide. We believe that companies succeed by planning for the long term. As experts in human resources and organizational development, we aim to help clients sharpen their competitive edge. 

GLOBIS values contributing to the betterment of society. Our China office is committed to building leaders for the future.
Thank you for your continued support!”

Reika Cho
President, GLOBIS China Co., Ltd


Since its foundation in 1992, GLOBIS has fostered a vision to create and innovate societies by fostering management ecosystems of people, capital, and knowledge. Today, the company is involved in a range of activities, from higher education and corporate training to venture capital. GLOBIS also operates the G1 Institute and the KIBOW Foundation, both non-profit organizations to promote creativity and innovation in society. The GLOBIS MBA and corporate training programs are offered both online and in person across Japan, Shanghai, Singapore, Thailand, the USA and Europe. GLOBIS University is the proud home of Japan’s No. 1 MBA and is rapidly growing to claim this title for all of Asia.


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