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GLOBIS Insights: A New Digital Platform for Business, Japan, and Globalization


(Tokyo, Japan) GLOBIS’ new digital media platform renews today, rebranding as GLOBIS Insights ( In spreading its unique management knowledge and perspectives on a globalizing Japan, the website delivers videos, articles, and events for business leaders throughout Asia and beyond.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approaching, the influence of Abenomics, and even the growing popularity of anime, Japan’s presence continues to be felt around the world, especially in Asia. At the same time, with annual increases in tourism and hi-skilled immigration, the environment within Japan globalizes as well. GLOBIS Insights focuses on these trends, with contributions from the GLOBIS faculty, alumni, students, and staff, to members of the greater GLOBIS community.

Upcoming article topics will include:
Succession planning from an HR and Japanese historical perspective
-How the Japanese concept of Ki can help discernment in global leadership
-Insights on the fourth industrial revolution, IoT and AI
-How the simple act of cleaning a bullet train exemplifies Japanese innovation
-An Indonesian alumni starting her new business in Tokyo (video)
-Why diversity is upending conventional leadership models at the highest levels

GLOBIS Insights mirrors the Japanese website GLOBIS Chikenroku (“GLOBIS Knowledge Management Archive,”, which was started in 2006. The first English website launched in 2011, after the March 11 earthquake. Both current sites are organized into three functions: Watch for video archives of seminars and conferences such as the G1 Global, Read for articles and columns by faculty and alumni, and Learn for GLOBIS program information and stories from GLOBIS Founder and CEO Yoshito Hori.

As GLOBIS’ owned media, the mission is to expand GLOBIS’ international presence. With the No. 1 MBA and No. 1 Venture Capital in Japan, the GLOBIS Group offers our community a unique value proposition: merging people, capital, and knowledge to foster a management ecosystem that leads to creation and innovation throughout societies.

The target audience is Japanese and non-Japanese seeking to enhance their connections with global Japan through business, including by studying for an MBA, taking corporate training, or simply learning the latest business trends. In addition to the usual social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), an email newsletter and smartphone app are planned for the near future.

About GLOBIS (
Since its foundation in 1992, GLOBIS has articulated a vision to create and innovate societies by fostering management ecosystems of People, Capital and Knowledge. In the area of “People,” GLOBIS develops human resources and organizations through the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, GLOBIS Executive and Management Schools, and corporate training. In the area of “Capital,” we invest in and nurture start-up firms through our venture capital company, GLOBIS Capital Partners. In the area of “Knowledge,” we provide management expertise through our publications and GLOBIS Insights, an information website and mobile application. We provide MBA programs and corporate training in English and Japanese both online and at our campuses in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai and Fukuoka) and outside Japan (Shanghai, Singapore and Thailand). GLOBIS operates two non-profit organizations to promote creativity and innovation in society: the G1 Institute, which organizes conferences, and the KIBOW Foundation, which is engaged in earthquake reconstruction assistance.

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