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100 Actions English Website Launched A Quiet Revolution Is Underway in Japan


(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) The 100 Actions Project, a “quiet revolution” initiated by GLOBIS President Yoshito Hori to re-energize Japan, opened its English website today (, releasing its first Actions. New actions will be periodically released until the G1 Global on October 21, 2016, setting the background for the conference.

Seeking to generate national policy debate and a vision for Japan, 100 Actions is a culmination of four years of discussion among the participants of the G1 Institute Conferences, resulting in a Japanese website and a book.

Since February, 1500 participants have gathered at eight seminars throughout Japan, including representatives of both major parties in the Japanese Diet, as well as governors, mayors, and business executives. Citizens of cities and towns are meeting to continue the discussion.

The G1 movement started with the G1 Summit in 2009, gathering leaders from the political, finance, tech, and non-profit sectors, and has developed into more than 8 conferences a year. More than ten people have become Ministers in the Japanese Cabinet. Mr. Hori stated:

“Japan desperately needs a quiet revolution to break out of the economic dead end it’s been stuck in for the last two decades… It is the responsibility of our generation to address the declining birthrate and fiscal reform as well as issues related to energy, education and reconstruction, and to pass on our efforts to the next generation. We must offer a specific future direction based on our own research and thinking, organized systematically and put into words. 100 Actions lays out the direction to make Japan better.”

The 6th G1 Global, the only G1 conference held in English, will be at the GLOBIS Tokyo campus on October 21, with leaders from business, politics, and the non-profit sectors from around the world expected to attend, including former BBC presenter Nik Gowing. The theme is tentatively set to be “Leadership: Thinking the Unthinkable.” More information will be available summer 2016.

Since its foundation in 1992, GLOBIS has articulated a vision to create and innovate societies by fostering management ecosystems of People, Capital and Knowledge. In the area of “People,” GLOBIS develops human resources and organizations through the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, GLOBIS Executive and Management Schools, and corporate training. In the area of “Capital,” we invest in and nurture start-up firms through our venture capital company, GLOBIS Capital Partners. In the area of “Knowledge,” we provide management expertise through our publications and GLOBIS Insights, an information website and mobile application. We provide MBA programs and corporate training in English and Japanese both online and at our campuses in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai and Fukuoka) and outside Japan (Shanghai, Singapore and Thailand). GLOBIS operates two non-profit organizations to promote creativity and innovation in society: the G1 Institute, which organizes conferences, and the KIBOW Foundation, which is engaged in earthquake reconstruction assistance.

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