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GLOBIS, M-History, and Harvard Historian Join Forces to Tell the Story of Mito in English


Washington DC, USA–On January 15, 2022, Mito and the Politics of Reform in Early Modern Japan, by Dr. Michael Thornton, was published in English. The book, which is part of the Mito Downtown Revival Project and involved over 500 contributors, outlines Mito Domain’s role in Japan’s historical influence.

The Mito Downtown Revival Project, supported by GLOBIS’s CSR efforts, has multiple arms, including the sub-project M-History. Thornton’s book is part of this initiative. Originally published in Japanese, it aims to share the pivotal role Mito played in Japan’s development from the seventeenth century onward.

About Mito and the Politics of Reform in Early Modern Japan
Mito and the Politics of Reform in Early Modern Japan examines the history of Mito, which was once the headquarters of Mito Domain, one of three senior branches of the ruling Tokugawa family. In the nineteenth century, Mito became the birthplace of a revolutionary ideology that transformed Japan into a modern, imperial nation-state. The book focuses on the stories of Mito’s politicians, philosophers, and ordinary people from the beginning of the domain’s history to its end.

Mito and the Politics of Reform in Early Modern Japan was published in English by Lexington Books on January 15, 2022. Find the book on Amazon or the official press page (30% discount with code LXFANDF30).

About Dr. Michael Thornton
Dr. Michael Thornton is a historian of early-modern and modern Japan, with a particular interest in urban history. As demonstrated in Mito and the Politics of Reform in Early Modern Japan, he is particularly interested in histories of change and transformation between the Tokugawa and Meiji periods.

Thornton grew up in Japan (Kobe and Tokyo) before attending Yale University, where he received a BA in history in 2010. After brief stints in Germany and Japan, he went on to receive his PhD in history from Harvard in May 2018. He currently teaches Japanese history at Yale University.

About the Mito Downtown Revival Project
The Mito Downtown Revival Project began in 2015 with GLOBIS Founder and President Yoshito Hori among its founders. Along with M-History, the project involves M-GARDEN (an event and conference space), M-SPO (a sports center and gymnasium), and other community support initiatives such as the Ibaraki Robots basketball team and Ibaraki Broadcasting System.

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