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Mito Downtown Revitalization Project Information Now Available in English


Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo–On March 15, 2023, the English website for the Mito Downtown Revitalization Project (M-PRO) went live. Since 2016, M-PRO has been dedicated to the revitalization of the region, starting ten development projects along with the support of other private and public entities. The English website will enable a deeper connection between Ibaraki locals and the world.

Find the full video on the GLOBIS Insights channel:


About the Mito Downtown Revival Project
The Mito Downtown Revival Project was initiated in 2015 By Yoshito Hori, who felt it was time to give back after witnessing the rundown state of his hometown. On the same day he arrived, he met with the city mayor to discuss what could be done. Soon after, around 50 people had invested in the growth of Mito—and officially kicked off the Downtown Mito Revival Project in 2016.

To date, M-PRO has started ten urban revitalization projects (and counting): 

  1. Acquired the Ibaraki Robots basketball team and renovated theAzumacho Gymnasium.
  2. Established a GLOBIS University Graduate School of Management Campus in Mito, Ibaraki. 
  3. M-SPO: a sports center, gymnasium, cafe, and open space located in downtown Mito for people of all ages to gather.
  4. M-WORK: a co-working space for individuals, corporations, and students to meet and exchange entrepreneurial ideas.
  5. M-HISTORY: Dr. Michael Thornton published Mito and the Politics of Reform in Early Modern Japan, a book that outlines Mito Domain’s role in Japan’s historical influence. 
  6. M-TRAD: a cultural initiative to preserve and share Mito’s traditional performing arts for future generations.
  7. M-ART: supports young artists by developing contemporary art around the city. Most recently at Art Tower Mito.
  8. M-GARDEN: an event space, conference hall, and wedding venue where visitors can enjoy the Tokiwa Shrine and Kairakuen Garden, which overlooks Lake Senba.
  9. LuckyFM: acquired the Ibaraki Broadcast System, providing news on sports, music, lifestyle, and education to Ibaraki Prefecture and beyond.
  10. M-LAKE: a place of rest and relaxation by Lake Senba (coming soon).

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