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GLOBIS University Holds Graduation Ceremony for 2018 Full-Time English MBA Program. 29 Graduates from 14 Countries Brings Total to 431 English MBA Graduates


Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo — GLOBIS University held a graduation ceremony for the 2018 English MBA program (Full-Time) at the Tokyo campus on August 18. This year, our 7th year, we have 29 graduates from 14 countries. In the English MBA program, a part-time program (the current part-time and online MBA programs) was launched in April 2009, and a full-time program was launched in October 2012. Since then, the total number of graduates from both programs has reached 431, with graduates active in Japan, throughout Asia, and the world.

President Yoshito Hori said in his speech, “If you have five perspectives (global, historical, philosophical, integrity, and a sense of mission), together with the skills needed for creation and innovation, I am fully convinced that you will be starting your new journey as visionary leaders who create and innovate societies.”

Two graduates also gave speeches, expressing their admiration for their classmates and determination to pursue their aspirations.

Lyndon John Esteves Magbanua, from the Philippines, said, “We entered this school as individuals. May we leave not only as batchmates but as friends. Life is one big study session and we need all the help we can get. Also, may we all commit to finding a journey that we are passionate about, and may we commit to it now. Now is the only moment we truly have access to, and there is no better time to follow your heart than now.”

Gabriele Angelika Pflaum, from Germany, followed by saying, “Occasionally, our paths would split when we chose different directions, but ultimately, we always ended up coming back together at GLOBIS. And here is the point where I have to say: through the good and bad, the best and worst, the difficult and the sometimes-easier paths, we all kept going. And thus, we are here. I have to say to you, my batchmates, my friends, I’m so proud of each and every one of you.”

This year’s graduates come from the following 14 countries (number of graduates in parentheses): The Philippines (8), India (4), Thailand (4), Japan (2), the United States (2), Belgium (1), Canada (1), China (1), France (1), Germany (1), Mexico (1), Mongolia (1), Myanmar (1), and Romania (1).

20190819_hori.jpg 20190819_lyndon.jpg 20190819_Gabriele.jpg 20190819_FT_Graduate.jpg

From left, GLOBIS President Yoshito Hori, Lyndon John Esteves Magbanua (form the Philippines), Gabriele Angelika Pflaum (from Germany), Graduation Ceremony Venue

◆Student Activities

(1) Technovate MBA Courses
GLOBIS University offers special Technovate courses to train a new era of business leaders who understand state-of-the-art technology and innovation. In addition to existing courses such as Technovate Thinking and Technovate Strategy, the English MBA program has greatly expanded the number of courses, including Robotics Business Innovation and Innovation through Virtual Teams. Students learned about new business challenges, opportunities, and solutions for the Technovate Era.

(2) Exchange Programs with other Top MBA Schools in Asia
GLOBIS students participated in study exchanges with Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and CEIBS (China Europe International Business School), two of the leading MBA schools in Asia. While on the exchange, they visited local companies, including organic farms to learn about business and SDGs. In turn, when students from these schools visit Japan, they visit Japanese companies and hear special lectures given by GLOBIS University faculty.

(3) Internships and Employment with Japanese Companies through the Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP)
GLOBIS continues its CMP efforts through alliances with 125 global companies in Japan, a number that grows every year. These alliances provide internships (100+ hours) and activities to learn about the work and corporate culture of Japanese companies. In fiscal 2018, all students participating in the internship program were matched with partner companies. We partnered with Global Mobility Service, Inc. to offer a special course. Many of this year’s graduates attended, tackling actual management issues and proposing solutions. (More information:


About GLOBIS University
Founded in a small rented classroom in 1992 by renowned entrepreneur Yoshito Hori, GLOBIS University has grown to become the largest business school in Japan. With the principles of fostering skill development, a professional network, and a personal mission, the institution is committed to developing visionary leaders who create and innovate societies. GLOBIS University boasts a vast international faculty and five main campuses in Japan, with aims to become Asia’s No. 1 MBA. The Part-time MBA in English was launched in 2009, the Full-time MBA in 2012, and the Online MBA in 2017. GLOBIS University continues to expand its curriculum with course offerings in digital technology and entrepreneurship, promoting business mastery for an age of global innovation.

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