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GLOBIS University to launch English Online Pre-MBA program in January 2016


Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshito Hori) will launch an Online Pre-MBA program in January 2016. Applications are currently open for the January 2016 term, in which the course “Essentials of Marketing and Strategy” will be offered.

Building upon GLOBIS’ successful Japanese online MBA program launched in 2014, the Online Pre-MBA program will allow students located all over the world to take GLOBIS courses in English. The program utilizes SPOCs (Small Private Online Course) and advanced videoconferencing technology to offer the same quality and educational effectiveness as on-campus courses. The only technical requirements are a computer, webcam, headset, and broadband internet connection, granting students the flexibility of taking classes almost anywhere, including from home.

Prospective students can sign-up for free Online Trial Classes, offered on an ongoing basis, to experience GLOBIS classes firsthand and learn more about admissions information. Numerous Online Trial Classes are scheduled for October, November, and December 2015 in anticipation of the program launch.

GLOBIS’ Pre-MBA program allows students to take MBA courses before officially enrolling in the MBA Program, transferring credits upon admittance. Credits earned from online classes are fully compatible with other GLOBIS programs, including the Full-time and Part-time MBA.

Courses offered in the Online Pre-MBA program will continue to expand, with two courses, “Critical Thinking” and “Organizational Behavior and Leadership,” scheduled for the April 2016 term. Further fundamental MBA courses will be introduced from the July 2016 term onwards. Beginning in the 2017 academic year, GLOBIS plans to offer a full online MBA program in English, allowing students to earn a degree entirely online. Curriculum, teaching materials, and lesson content will be identical to on-campus programs and students will be able to transfer credits freely between programs.

Establishing an Online MBA program in English will foster learning opportunities for overseas students who wish to acquire knowledge and skills from a unique Japanese perspective. Online courses enable students who cannot take classes at GLOBIS’ Tokyo campus to enroll in GLOBIS’ highly-rated courses. Through first-class educational standards and continued expansion of programs, both English and Japanese as well as both on-campus and online, GLOBIS aims to become Asia’s No. 1 business school.

Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University (

In 1992, GLOBIS – a combination of the words “global” and “business” – was born out of a single marketing course taught in a rented classroom in downtown Tokyo. From these humble beginnings, the institution continuously grew, culminating in the establishment of the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University and the launch of a fully-recognized Japanese MBA program in 2006. This was followed by the launch of a part-time English program in 2009 and a one-year full-time English program in 2012. As a young, ambitious, and highly successful start-up, GLOBIS aims to inspire and nurture the business leaders of tomorrow on the way to becoming Asia’s No. 1 business school.

Overview of the English Online MBA Program

Launch schedule:
■ Free Online Trial Classes
  ●Numerous classes throughout October, November, and December 2015
  ●Available on an ongoing basis

■Courses for Online Pre-MBA students:
  ●January 2016 term:  Essentials of Marketing and Strategy
  ●April 2016 term:     Critical Thinking
Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  ●July 2016 term onwards:  Fundamental courses continuously introduced
■Full online MBA program in English:
  ●Scheduled to be offered from the 2017 academic year

Applications for Online Pre-MBA students for the January 2016 term will be accepted from Thursday,
October 1, 2015.

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