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GLOBIS University Welcomes 105 Aspiring Business Leaders at the 2021 English MBA Entrance Ceremony


Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo–GLOBIS University held its annual entrance ceremony for the 2021 English MBA programs on September 5. A hybrid ceremony welcomed students both online and on campus. This year, 72 students from 20 countries are entering the Part-time and Online MBA Program, while 33 students from 18 countries have enrolled in the Full-time MBA Program.

GLOBIS University President Yoshito Hori welcomed the aspiring business leaders in a special address. He said,

“It has been 29 years since I first founded GLOBIS. I started with little money, few credentials, and virtually no track record. All that I had at the time was good health, the knowledge and skills obtained from my MBA, and the passion and determination that I would do it. That was all. But what I did have was a strong passion in providing superior education in Japan.”

Based on the educational principles of GLOBIS–building career skills, fostering a network, and cultivating a personal mission–he encouraged them to take risks and become visionary leaders who create and innovate global societies.

Three student representatives addressed their fellow incoming classmates. Among them, Simon Oss, who will be in the Part-time and Online MBA Program, spoke about the importance of lifelong learning in today’s business climate:

“We live in a world where accelerated innovation and the need for business transformation continuously rank in international studies among the top concerns of CEOs. Business transformation means not only [how] to react to the new digital environment, but also how to react to . . . topics such as corporate social responsibility and workstyle reform. It is obvious that lifelong learning is not just a mere rhetorical phrase, but more important than ever to succeed in today’s global economy.”

Another incoming Part-time and Online MBA Program student, Takako Furuya, spoke about her goals for the program: understanding frameworks to better articulate her ideas and create solutions, developing superb decision-making skills, and gaining insights from interactive classroom discussions. She said, “By enjoying the journey at GLOBIS, we would like to enhance our skills to realize our visions . . . for a satisfying life.”

Jordan Touati, the Full-time MBA Program representative, said, “We are on a mission, using our fruitful experience at GLOBIS to achieve our own vision, to create our own career in line with our kokorozashi. Taking part in the GLOBIS community is not only a privilege, but a mission. We are here to become leaders and to lead changes all around Japan, Asia, or the world.”

The 105 incoming students come from 31 countries: Australia (1), Austria (1), Bangladesh (3), Canada (2), China (3), Denmark (1), France (1), Haiti India (2), (1), Indonesia (5), Italy (1), Iran (1), Japan (43), Kazakhstan (1), Kenya (1), Korea (1), Kyrgyzstan (1), Luxembourg (1), Malaysia (1), Mongolia (1), the Philippines (12), Russia (1), South Africa (1), Sri Lanka (1), Switzerland (1), Syria (1), Thailand (8), USA (5), United Arab Emirates (1), Ukraine (2), and Vietnam (1).

Since the beginning of the pandemic, GLOBIS University has taken steps to ensure the safety of students and faculty members. On March 2, 2020, all classes were moved online–a relatively seamless transition, thanks to years of experience with online teaching. Classes are currently operating both online and in person, in accordance with the Japanese Government’s recommendations for academic institutions.

GLOBIS has also involved students in the decision-making process concerning COVID-19 measures, mainly through online meetings with student representatives to assess needs. One-on-one consultation sessions and special lectures ensured no lost learning opportunities.

GLOBIS University strives to equip future business leaders with cutting-edge management knowledge through Technovate courses, seminars with top global leaders, and other unique student experiences.

The GLOBIS Experience:

(1) Technovate MBA Courses

GLOBIS University offers special courses to train new business leaders to face challenges, opportunities, and solutions in the Technovate Era. In addition to foundational courses such as Technovate Thinking and Technovate Strategy, the English MBA Program has greatly expanded to include offerings such as Robotics and AI Business Innovation and Innovation through Virtual Teams.

(2) Internships and Employment through the Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP)

GLOBIS maintains alliances with 144 global companies in Japan, and that number grows every year. These CMP alliances provide internships (100+ hours) and activities to learn about the work and culture of Japanese corporations.


About GLOBIS University
Founded in a small rented classroom in 1992 by renowned entrepreneur Yoshito Hori, GLOBIS University has grown to become the largest business school in Japan. With the principles of fostering skill development, a professional network, and a personal mission, the institution is committed to developing visionary leaders who create and innovate societies. GLOBIS University boasts a vast international faculty and five main campuses in Japan, with aims to become Asia’s No. 1 MBA. The Part-time MBA in English was launched in 2009, the Full-time MBA in 2012, and the Online MBA in 2017. GLOBIS University continues to expand its curriculum with course offerings in digital technology and entrepreneurship, promoting business mastery for an age of global innovation.

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