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GLOBIS University Holds Entrance Ceremony for 2019 English MBA Program. 91 New Students; 8th Full-Time Class; 3rd Online Class


Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo — GLOBIS University held an Entrance Ceremony at its Tokyo Campus to welcome the 2019 English MBA program students. 91 new students participated, including 27 in the Full-time MBA program (its 8th batch) and 64 students in the Part-time On-Campus and Online MBA Program (its 3rd batch).

GLOBIS University President Yoshito Hori welcomed the new students in a special address. Based on the GLOBIS Educational Principles of building skills, fostering a network, and cultivating a personal mission, he implored the students to take risks, in order to aim to become visionary leaders who create and innovate societies throughout Japan, Asia, and the world.

Three students represented their incoming classes with speeches. Samantha Anne Buenaventura Sales, from the Philippines, discussed why she decided to get her MBA: “I set off to start a small business in Manila, a digital marketing agency. I learned a lot of things through experience and mistakes. And somehow I still felt the longing to do more. I wanted to pursue my Kokorozashi, my personal mission.”

This year’s new students come from the following 27 countries (number in parentheses): Japan (37), The Philippines (10), Thailand (7), China (7), India (3), the United States (3), Malaysia (2), Myanmar (2), South Korea (2), Andorra (1), Brazil (1), Canada (1), France (1), Germany (1), Honduras (1), Indonesia (1), Mexico (1), Nepal (1), Poland (1), Romania (1), Russia (1), Singapore (1), Spain (1), Sri Lanka (1), Tanzania (1), the United Kingdom (1), and Vietnam (1).

20190902_FT_PT&OL_entrance01.jpg 20190902_FT_PT&OL_entrance02.jpg 20190902_FT_PT&OL_entrance03.jpg

From left, GLOBIS President Yoshito Hori, Samantha Anne Buenaventura Sales (from the Philippines), Entrance Ceremony Venue

◆About the 2019 GLOBIS English MBA Programs

(1) Technovate MBA Courses
GLOBIS University offers special Technovate courses to train a new era of business leaders who understand state-of-the-art technology and innovation. In addition to existing courses such as Technovate Thinking and Technovate Strategy, the English MBA program now offers Robotics & AI Business Innovation and Creative Leadership, expanding its curriculum to 14 Technovate courses.

(2) Seminars with Top Global Leaders
GLOBIS frequently holds seminars with top global business leaders, including from tech companies, throughout the year. In April, Mr. Porter Erisman, a former vice president of the Alibaba Group, gave a lecture on the “Leadership Learned from Alibaba Founder Jack Ma.” Mr. Erisman, who helped grow the Alibaba Group, shared how the Chinese e-commerce giant grew from a startup to a global company and how to succeed in a global business environment.

About GLOBIS University
Founded in a small rented classroom in 1992 by renowned entrepreneur Yoshito Hori, GLOBIS University has grown to become the largest business school in Japan. With the principles of fostering skill development, a professional network, and a personal mission, the institution is committed to developing visionary leaders who create and innovate societies. GLOBIS University boasts a vast international faculty and five main campuses in Japan, with aims to become Asia’s No. 1 MBA. The Part-time MBA in English was launched in 2009, the Full-time MBA in 2012, and the Online MBA in 2017. GLOBIS University continues to expand its curriculum with course offerings in digital technology and entrepreneurship, promoting business mastery for an age of global innovation.

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